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Course Overview: Read 180 Universal is a Scholastic, Inc. program that uses a balanced literacy approach to reading. Through computer-based instruction, small group and whole group direct instruction, students practice reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. Reading comprehension focus areas include main idea and details, sequencing, fact and opinion, cause and effect, problem and solution, vocabulary, context clues and making inferences.

Whole Group Instruction: The Read 180 Program is divided into workshops. Each workshop has a different theme. All of the reading material, writing exercises and grammar practice. Many of the workshops address practical life adult themes. For instance, one of the workshops is about money and money management. The students will read short, non-fiction stories about money and money management, and compose a short persuasive writing piece about the minimum wage.

Small Group Instruction: Students will receive instruction in small groups. Instruction will be individualized for student needs. During these groups, students will focus on reading comprehension and writing skills

Read 180 Student Application: Students will spend time each class period working on the Read 180 online component. The online platform is individualized for student Lexile and reading comprehension skills. The Read 180 online program will make adjustments in instruction based on student progress and areas of need.

Writing: Students will complete a number of writing assignments over the course of the school year, corresponding to the Read 180 Workshop Unit.  Through supported learning, the students will compose argument, expository, and informative essays.  Students will conference individually with the teacher throughout to support the drafting and writing process.

Individualized Reading: Students can select from a number of short chapter books from the Read 180 program, at their Lexile level. Students read the chapter books and complete associated assignments. The teacher will conference with students to discuss progress.




Student Realbook Workbooks (provided)

Individual Chapter Books and eReads (Provided; available online from home as well)

Student Application (Online)


Grading and Assessment Measures:

  • Read 180 Unit Assessments
  • Independent Chapter Book Activities
  • Writing Assignments (following writing rubric)
  • Workbook completion (Rubric)
  • Individualized online assessments

Extra Help:

I’m available before or after school for extra help. Monday-Friday before school, and Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday after school. Please check with me ahead of time to make sure I do not have a meeting.